How Your Donation Will be Used

The Albury Wodonga Regional Cancer Centre Trust Fund will allocate your donation to the service area most in need.

The four main areas of consideration are:

  • New life-saving medical equipment;
  • Staff training and development;
  • Cancer research; and,
  • Wellness Centre programs and support services.

New Life-Saving Medical Equipment

Your donation allows us to expand the range of life-saving medical equipment available to cancer patients in the region.
In the past this has included specialist diagnostic and laser equipment previously only available in capital cities.

Equipment purchases include:

  • eBUS endoscope ($175,000) – to diagnose lung and upper gastrointestinal tract cancers, including of the stomach and pancreas;
  • Laser ($150,000) – for use in larynx surgery as well as ear, nose and throat, urology and gynaecology procedures;
  • Rhinolaryngoscope ($115,000) – to examine head and neck cancers;
  • Height adjustable beds and information technology ($12,700) – for use during clinical trial consultations;
  • Vein finder ($8900) – to improve accuracy and reduce patient discomfort when a cannula is inserted as part of chemotherapy treatment;
  • Pharmaceutical fridge/freezer ($8700) – to store biological samples and allow for the expansion of clinical trials;
  • Blanket warmer ($7400) – to provide comfort for patients seeking additional warmth for various reasons including weight loss, low blood counts or intravenous fluids; and,
  • Ice gloves and slippers ($440) – used in the prevention of nail toxicity, which can be a side effect of chemotherapy treatment.

Staff Training and Development

Your donation ensures that our medical staff are trained in best practice cancer care.

With your assistance, staff are able to attend professional development courses and keep abreast of existing and emerging technologies in the fight against cancer.

A new initiative in 2019 was our Nursing Scholarship Program, which provides financial assistance to staff wishing to undertake post graduate study in oncology. This allows staff to further develop their skills and provide an advanced level of care to our patients.

Cancer Research

Cancer research conducted at the Albury Wodonga Regional Cancer Centre aims to give patients local access to high quality clinical trials, improve outcomes for cancer patients and impact on the future direction of cancer treatment.

Oncology clinical trials are invaluable as they:

  • Provide information about new treatments, including drug safety, drug efficacy and quality of life issues for participants;
  • Compare new treatments to the standard therapy used; and,
  • Enable patients access to medications not yet approved or funded in Australia.

The Border Medical Oncology Research Unit has participated in more than 350 cancer clinical trials involving over 1800 patients.

Wellness Centre

The Albury Wodonga Regional Cancer Centre wellness facility provides extra support to cancer patients and their families when they need it the most.

Alongside the medical treatment provided to patients, it aims to address the psychological, emotional and spiritual needs that come from having cancer.

As well as offering a quiet place to have a cuppa and relax, your support ensures the Wellness Centre can offer a range of wellness and supportive care programs including massage, mindfulness and counselling services.

It is also provides patients with access to relevant cancer information and links with local support groups, ensuring it is a place that offers care, advice, support and education.